Central Pennsylvania’s top newcomer & honorable mention list: Sports Recruiters Prospects

Sports Recruiters presents a list of the top newcomer & honorable mention list in Central Pennsylvania.  These players are considered the top players in Central PA according to Sports Recruiters and college coaches across the country. I have seen most of these prospects play in-person.

This eight-part series will take a look at the area’s top quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers/tight ends, linemen, linebackers, defensive backs, underclassmen, top newcomer, as well as a list of honorable mention student-athletes.


Top Newcomer:

JuQuill Adams-Wide Receiver/Defensive Back-6’3”, 200-Bishop McDevitt H.S. Jr.

Top Newcomer Runners-Up: 

Mike Wise-Running Back-5’9”, 215-Central Dauphin H.S. Jr.

Tnyis Becker-Running Back/Wide Receiver-5’10”, 185-Bishop McDevitt H.S. So.


Honorable Mention:

A.J. Millar-Quarterback-6’3”, 185-Central Dauphin H.S. Sr.

Jaret Petty-Quarterback/Cornerback-6’1”, 190-Big Spring H.S. Sr.

Cody Kissinger-Quarterback/Linebacker-6’0”, 180-Lebanon H.S. Sr.

Noah Heimbaugh-Quarterback-6’0”, 195-Newport H.S. Sr.

Jake Radic-Quarterback-6’2”, 190-Red Land H.S. Sr.

Mason Erdman-Quarterback-6’3”, 205-Halifax H.S. Sr.

Dan Yokemick-Quarterback-6’1”, 190-York Catholic H.S. Sr.

Kody Kegarise-Quarterback-6’1”, 180-Manheim Central H.S. Sr.

Bryan Downey-Quarterback-5’11”, 170-Lancaster Catholic H.S. Sr.

Curtis Robison-Quarterback/Linebacker-6’2”, 200-Northern H.S. Sr.

Jake Wolfgang-Quarterback/Defensive Back-6’4”, 185-Williams Valley H.S. Jr.

Dylan Smith-Quarterback-6’2”, 190-Mechanicsburg Area H.S. Jr.

Noah Meyers-Quarterback-6’4”, 215-Annville-Cleona H.S. Jr.

Malachi Young-Quarterback/Defensive Back-5’10”, 180-Steel-High H.S. Jr.

Eli Goodling-Running Back/Linebacker-6’0”, 215-Newport H.S. Sr.

Alon Rhette-Running Back/Linebacker-5’9”, 185-Palmyra H.S. Sr.

Marcus Wilson-Running Back/Linebacker-5’11”, 225-Berks Catholic H.S. Sr.

Teague Hoffman-Running Back/Linebacker-5’7”, 175-York Suburban H.S. Sr.

Justice Belleman-Running Back/Linebacker-5’11”, 205-Cedar Crest H.S. Sr.

Fletcher Hart-Running Back/Linebacker-5’9”, 185-Juniata H.S. Sr.

Jakkar Kinard-Running Back/Defensive Back-6’0”, 185-York Catholic H.S. Sr.

Luke Funck-Running Back/Linebacker-6’0”, 200-Northern Lebanon H.S. Sr.

Zak Huth-Running Back/Linebacker-5’8”, 180-Mechanicsburg Area H.S. Sr.

Dylan Rabuck-Running Back/Linebacker-6’0”, 180-Williams Valley H.S. Jr.

Demetrius Burton-Running Back-5’10”, 180-Greencastle-Antrim H.S. Jr.

Brady Fox-Running Back-5’9”, 195-Middletown Area H.S. Jr.

Cooper Lutz-Running Back/Defensive Back-6’1”, 195-Berks Catholic H.S. Jr.

Ryan Adams-Running Back/Defensive Back-5’6”, 160-Big Spring H.S. Jr.

Adam Houser-Running Back/Safety-5’10”, 165-Shippensburg H.S. So.

Aaron Arp-Wide Receiver/Cornerback-5’11”, 160-Central Dauphin East H.S. Sr.

Jordan Moore-Wide Receiver/Cornerback-6’0”, 160-Camp Hill H.S. Sr.

Hunter Briner-Wide Receiver/Cornerback-6’1”, 195-Red Land H.S. Sr.

Cameron May-Wide Receiver/Cornerback-6’0”, 183-West Perry H.S. Sr.

Noah Woods-Wide Receiver-6’1”, 170-State College H.S. Sr.

Malik Sechler-Slot Back/Defensive Back-5’11”, 160-Mifflin County H.S. Sr.

Tyreese Musser-Wide Receiver/Safety-6’1”, 176-Columbia H.S. Sr.

Sylas Pope-Wide Receiver/Linebacker-6’0”, 195-Central Dauphin H.S. Sr.

Cole Shomper-Slot Back/Linebacker-5’10”, 180-Millersburg H.S. Sr.

Logan Yohn-Wide Receiver/Cornerback-5’11”, 175-Elizabethtown H.S. Sr.

Allen Hand-Wide Receiver/Cornerback-5’9”, 150-Williams Valley H.S. Jr.

Alex Lantz-Wide Receiver/Defensive Back-6’2”, 180-Cedar Cliff H.S. Jr.

Clay Spencer-Wide Receiver/Cornerback-5’6”, 145, Lower Dauphin H.S. Jr.

Bobby Whalen-Wide Receiver/Safety-5’11”, 165-Cedar Cliff H.S. So.

Nazir Burnett-Wide Receiver/Cornerback-6’0”, 170-Bishop McDevitt H.S. So.

Logan Gabrielson-Tight End-6’1”, 220-Central Dauphin H.S. Sr.

Ricky Poillon-Tight End-6’4”, 225-Lancaster Catholic H.S. Sr.

Justin McIntyre-Tight End/Defensive End-6’4”, 235-Lower Dauphin H.S. Sr.

Drew Painter-Tight End/Defensive End-6’4”, 245-Hershey H.S. Jr.

Robert Goodrich-Offensive Tackle/Defensive End-6’4”, 238-Cumberland Valley H.S. Sr.

Will Swope-Offensive Tackle-6’6”, 275-State College H.S. Sr.

Evan Childs-Offensive Tackle-6’3”, 275-Central Dauphin H.S. Sr.

Travis Tolomei-Defensive End-6’5”, 225-Milton Hershey H.S. Sr.

Ishmael Hodge-Offensive Guard/Defensive Tackle-5’10”, 235-Steel-High H.S. Sr.

Myles Braxton-Defensive Tackle/Offensive Guard-6’0”, 280-Chambersburg Area H.S. Sr.

Brayden Coe-Offensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle-6’2”, 280-Red Land H.S. Sr.

Joe Parker-Offensive Lineman-6’1”, 250-Bishop McDevitt H.S. Sr.

Seth Strohm-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-5’11”, 240-Hershey H.S. Sr.

Zach Caprio-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-5’11”, 230-Millersburg H.S. Sr.

Raunya Mitchell-Defensive Tackle-6’4”, 290-Susquehanna Twp. H.S. Sr.

Lathaneal Olsen-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-6’3”, 290-Elizabethtown H.S. Sr.

John Gregson-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-6’5”, 295-Pequea Valley H.S. Sr.

Gavin Barclay-Offensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle-6’6”, 282-York Suburban H.S. Sr.

Nick Argento-Defensive Tackle/Offensive Tackle-6’3”, 306-Red Lion Area H.S. Sr.

Wyatt Smith-Defensive Tackle/Offensive Tackle-6’2”, 250-Eastern York H.S. Sr.

Khalique Washington-Offensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle-6’5”, 285-Lebanon H.S. Sr.

Matt Stauch-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-5’11”, 250-Hershey H.S. Sr.

Nick Kubala-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-5’11”, 260-Shippensburg H.S. Sr.

Daymian Shoop-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-6’0”, 240-Williams Valley H.S. Sr.

Chase Flythe-Defensive End-6’3”, 225-Central Dauphin H.S. Sr.

Mahki Moore-Defensive End/Tight End-6’3”, 217-Central Dauphin East H.S. Sr.

Nick Fricchione-Defensive End-6’0”, 210-Bishop McDevitt H.S. Sr.

Emmanuel Blakemore-Defensive End/Tight End-5’11”, 200-Mechanicsburg Area H.S. Sr.

Gunnar Royer-Defensive End/Tight End-6’1”, 211-Manheim Central H.S. Sr.

Joe Crecenzi-Defensive End/Tight End-6’1”, 220-Red Land H.S. Jr.

Devon Rabuck-Defensive End/Tight End-6’0”, 190-Williams Valley H.S. Jr.

Ben Bostdorf-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-6’2”, 290-Millersburg H.S. Jr.

Cordell Cash-Defensive End/Tight End-6’3”, 220-Bishop McDevitt H.S Jr.

Jayonn Butts-Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman-6’2”, 255-Bishop McDevitt H.S. Jr.

Darrin Petrucci-Offensive Lineman-6’4”, 300-Bishop McDevitt H.S. Jr.

C.J. Laporta-Defensive End/Offensive Lineman-6’2”, 225-Camp Hill H.S. Jr.

Carlos Martinez-Defensive Lineman/Offensive Lineman-6’2”, 265-Lancaster McCaskey H.S. Jr.

Cain Fullerton-Defensive End/Slot Back-6’3”, 210-Susquehanna Twp. H.S. Jr.

Hunter Harnish-Linebacker/Fullback-6’2”, 210-Lower Dauphin H.S. Sr.

Noah Parsons-Linebacker/Fullback-6’0”, 205-Red Land H.S. Sr.

Joe Brittain-Linebacker/Running Back-6’2”, 205-Hershey H.S. Sr.

Connor Horst-Linebacker-6’1”, 205-Pequea Valley H.S. Sr.

Chris Thompson-Linebacker/Running Back-5’9”, 205-Cedar Cliff H.S. Sr.

Isaiah Hall-Linebacker-6’1”, 209-Harrisburg H.S. Sr.

Manus Frank-Linebacker/Wide Receiver-6’1”, 215-Central Dauphin H.S. Sr.

Christian Arrington-Linebacker/Wide Receiver-6’3”, 215-Cumberland Valley H.S. Jr.

Trent Fries-Linebacker/Tight End-6’2”, 205-East Pennsboro H.S. Jr.

Troy Kraynak-Linebacker-6’0”, 205-Red Land H.S. Jr.

John Greene-Linebacker-6’0”, 180-Red Land H.S. So.

Justin Carter-Cornerback/Wide Receiver-6’0”, 175-Harrisburg H.S. Sr.

Zach Keefer-Defensive Back/Wide Receiver-6’0”,185-Cedar Crest H.S. Sr.

Jaelyn Gaither-Defensive Back/Wide Receiver-5’11”, 180-Red Land H.S. Sr.

Jalik Smith-Safety/Wide Receiver-5’10”, 170-Susquehanna Twp. H.S. Sr.

Marquez Wright-Safety/Wide Receiver-5’10’’, 170-Susquehanna Twp. H.S. Sr.

Corbin Stetler-Safety/Linebacker-5’8”, 150-Middletown Area H.S. Sr.

Carl Reigle-Defensive Back/Running Back-5’10”, 185-Palmyra H.S. Sr.

Griffin Hertz-Safety/Wide Receiver-6’2”, 160-Annville-Cleona H.S. Sr.

Ronald Kent Jr.-Cornerback/Wide Receiver-5’8”, 156-Harrisburg H.S. Jr.

Aaron Gethers-Cornerback/Wide Receiver-5’11”, 180-Bishop McDevitt H.S. Jr.

James Lawson-Cornerback/Wide Receiver-6’0”, 185-Bishop McDevitt H.S. Jr.

Javion Grant-Safety/Wide Receiver-6’1”, 170-Steel-High H.S. So.


Some rankings and ratings included are courtesy of at the national recruiting news services like Scout.com, Rivals.com, 247 sports.com and ESPN. Special thanks to the analysts at these national recruiting web sites. Sports Recruiters has had a chance to personally view film of most of these student-athletes if available. Sports Recruiters has also gathered some of the information through various camps, combines, and showcases covered by these national recruiting news services.







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