Game of the Week Feature-Perseverance-Consistency-Execution

Perseverance, Consistency, Execution

The above named traits are some of the most important that must exist and be part of any high school football program. Bishop McDevitt was 1-1 leading up to last weeks collision with New York’s number one ranked; Canisius High School. In week zero, McDevitt shut out Red Land, then in week one McD was overwhelmed both physically and mentally against the Harrisburg Cougars.  After Cocalico High School humiliated Red Land 69 – 7, questions regarding McD’s overall team readiness began to emerge.

The bar is set high for the Crusader football program where many compare every team with past performances.  Is this years team talented enough ? Are there any:  “play makers” and “go to guys” suited up?  Does McDevitt have the athletes necessary to compete in Central PA football? Can this years squad be ” coached up”?

Observing the Canisius game exposed several things, the main observation was that more work is required. McDevitt squandered several key opportunities at crucial times.  False starts and an unsettled O-line derailed momentum many times, ( consistency) of play, (execution) of a sound game plan.  Canisius came to Ortenzio Field with a very well coached and talented football team and took advantage of every McDevitt miscue.  What had finally emerged late in the game for the Crusaders was (Perseverance); a critical component that must be forged deeply into any football teams being.  We saw this in McDevitt. The next question; can this perseverance become consistent ?

The glue that binds perseverance, consistency and execution together are; fundamentals, poise, and discipline.  With game four against the Cumberland Valley tonight you will see all these underlying traits on display. The Eagles have a proud consistent football program. Their dedication to fundamental football was and still is evident and well documented over the years.  They execute plays flawlessly, as well as maintain poise and discipline.  They persevere . Can Bishop McDevitt match – up yet again?


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