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Did you know the average athlete dedicates 150 hours to their sport, per season?  Turn your dedication into results, is your chance at that opportunity!

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Sports Recruiters aims to be your vehicle for success!  We offer instant and credible recognition, all of which is tailored to getting YOU recruited!

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Sports Recruiters Combine Challenge High School Football Showcase ....5/19/13/ IN THE NET, PALMYRA, PA....Register Now!

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Sports Recruiters prides itself on its dedication to its athletes and members.  The main goal and dedication to student athletes is to provide you the recruitment opportunity you deserve!

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Mr. PA Football Awards Banquet February 9, 2013!

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Sports Recruiters Combine Challenge

Sports Recruiters Combine Challenge Sunday April 27, 2014

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Hoffman Ford

2010 Combine Underclassman Watch
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Underclassman Watch

John O’Korn-Solid mechanics, good footwork, accurate passer with a strong arm as a freshman, extremely coachable, makes good decisions, great attitude and character
Brandon LaVia-Strong arm, has loads of potential for a freshman, very coachable, great attitude and character
Patrick Dill-Made some good decisions during 7 on 7 drills, big strong prospect, very trainable
Colby Grant-Very quick back with very good hands as a wr, very coachable, extremely fast and ran precise routes, can change direction very well, explosive, very good attitude and character
Jon Hicks-Impressive testing times for his size as a sophomore, did well in one on ones and positional drills
Barry Thomasetti Jr.-Makes quick decisions, quick footwork, solid arm
Leroy McClain-Changes directions very well, good route running, soft hands, tied for third fastest 40, can really run, explosive
Steven Onorato-Did well in the 3 cone, good hands, runs precise routes, quick feet, great attitude and character
Drew Hunter-Test results were very good, excelled in the rb positional drills, showed good vision and balance in the one on ones
Shelby Wilkerson- Good sized wr, soft hands, tested well, showed signs of explosion, and runs good routes, very good attitude and character
Jordan Harro-very athletic, signs of explosion, raw talent, quick feet, good hands, very good attitude and character
Jack Miller-lots of potential, great size for a freshman, athletic
Kyle Friend-great short shuttle for his size, great footwork for a lineman, did very well in the medicine ball, great attitude, strong powerful athlete
Vikram Shenoy-One to keep an eye on for the future
Kyree Ross-Quick feet, strong bodied athlete
Dominic Giovanniello-Good testing numbers for a freshman lineman, very good attitude and character
Scott Maronic-quick, strong athlete, good test results, nice hands
Gary Hurst-Nice test results for a freshman, aggressive and snatches the ball , ball skills, very good attitude and character
Devacio McGowen-Instinctive player, nice break on the ball, very good cover skills
Billy Mullen-soft hands, showed good ball skills, ran good routes
Michael Straub-good sized fb, strong, athletic, instinctive, good test results
Brandon Wallace-good test results, quick, fast, strong runner, good agility and balance
Jeremy DiPietro-good cover skills, good quick feet, anticipates well, good test results
Anthony Gelbaugh-solid accurate arm, nice footwork, makes quick decisions
Rashad Lawson-loads of potential, great results for age, impressive 40
Tyler Conde-very good size, has a lot of potential, nice technique, nice footwork



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